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How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that is available to install using the cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer for free. In this post, you can learn how to install WordPress using Softaculous.

Softaculous is a popular auto-installer script. It allows you to easily install popular web applications like WordPress with just some step clicks. Hosting companies like SiteGroundNamecheap, and InMotion Hosting use Softaculous in their control panel.

Step: 1

Simply go to log in your cPanel:

Cpanel Login Form - ThemeFixer


Step: 2

Once you are logged in cPanel you may find Softaculous Apps Installer in two interfaces.

  • One under the Software section
  • Or an individual section called Softaculous Apps Installer. Click on the WordPress icon:

Softaculous icon under auto installers section in cPanel Theme Fixer


Step: 3

Click on the WordPress logo. This will open a screen with several options displayed. You will see a screen with Install, Overview, Features, and Import. Switch to the Install tab to proceed:

Click on the install tab to continue installing WordPress using Softaculous - ThemeFixer


Step: 4

On the next page you will need to fill out the details of your WordPress installation.

  • Choose the domain you wish to install WordPress for
  • You need to choose http:// or http://www. as protocol. If your site has SSL and HTTPS, then you can select https:// or https://www. as protocol
  • Database Name can be left default.
  • Table Prefix can also be left default wp_; however, due to security reasons, it is better to change it, e.g., to ncwpsite_.
  • Scroll down a little, and you will see the site settings section.


Editing site settings during WordPress installation using Softaclous - Theme Fixer

Softaculous Sitesettings - Theme Fixer


Step: 5

When ready, scroll down and hit Install.
In a few moments, do not close the window until the progress bar reaches 100% otherwise this may affect your WordPress installation.

Softaclous Wpinstall Progress Theme Fixer


Step: 6

you will see the message that WordPress has been successfully installed:

Softaculous Successfully Installed WordPress on your website - Theme Fixer


You can now go ahead and log into your WordPress Dashboard to start working on your website.

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