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How to Install WordPress Using QuickInstall

QuickInstall is another popular auto-installer used by many hosting companies like HostGator and others. This auto-installer makes installing scripts and CMS extremely easy. To take advantage of this powerful WordPress tool, you can sign up an account with Hostgator below.


Log into your cPanel.

Cpanel Login

Go to the Software/Service section, you can find QuickInstall there. See below screen capture.


How to Install WordPress using QuickInstall


Click on QuickInstall, you will open the QuickInstall page. You can find WordPress from the left side menu, it is under the Blog Software section. Click on WordPress to continue.

Launching WordPress installer in QuickInstall

This will bring you to setup your WordPress install settings.

First, you need to choose the domain name. If you choose to input a sub-directory name, like ‘blog’, after the selected domain, such as ‘https://www.themefixer.com’, then QuickInstall will install WordPress to this ‘blog’ folder under your domain root and you will be able to access your WordPress site from ‘https://www.themefixer.com/blog/’.If you want to install WordPress to domain root, then leave the subfolder field blank.

You need to provide a title for your site, this could be anything and you can always change it later. Next, you need to provide a username, password, and email address for the admin account. You will also need to enter the first and last name for the admin user.

When you are ready, click the Install Now! button to finalize the auto WordPress installation via QuickInstall. The installation progress and results will display under the above installation or setup section on the same page.

If you follow all Step then you show the message,

Congratulations !!!

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