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How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico

Fantastico is an application installer available on some versions of cPanel. It is similar to the other installer scripts in the list and offers an easy way to quickly install WordPress.If you want to install Fantastico then you need to take very little effort and will let you start building your website within moments.

Step: 1

Simply go to log in your cPanel:

cPane Login ThemeFixer



Step: 2

Scroll down to software and services section, and there you will find the Fantastico icon. Clicking on Fantastico icon will launch the auto-installer script.

Fantastico Icon in cPanel


Step: 3

Fantastico Have already released many version. If Fantastico on your host looks different then you no worry. You just clicking on WordPress will show you an overview of the application with an Install button.

WordPress Installer in Fantastico ThemeFixer


Step: 4

Fantastico auto-installer for WordPress will now ask you to fill in your installation settings. First, you need to choose the domain where you want to install WordPress. If you need to install WordPress in a subdirectory, enter the name of the directory folder in the box. The subdirectory will be created automatically and should not be named the same as any other directory.

Installation Location in Fantastico Theme Fixer


Step: 5

Under Administrator Details section, you need to provide admin user account information. Enter a username, password, and email address for your WordPress admin account.

Click on the Submit button to continue.

Now that you have successfully installed WordPress on your web server, you’ll find the login details to your dashboard area. Here you can start to add content to your site and write your first blog post.

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