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How to Install WordPress on Xampp

How to Install WordPress Website on Xampp

You don’t have a Live server or you want to practice/beta version development on your WordPress website?

No worry, You able to create a local WordPress site on your computer using XAMPP. Today we will show how to create a local server using XAMPP and Install WordPress this local server.


What is Xampp?

XAMPP is an open source free software. XAMPP software package contains Apache distributions for Apache server, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. And it is basically a local host or a local server.
XAMPP makes it simple for you to manufacture WordPress sites locally. It is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux based PC.

Step 1: Download and install XAMPP on your computer

You need to visit XAMPP Website this site and choose your operating system icon click on the download button. You need to wait some minute to download completely.

Xampp Download


Now I will show you the Windows operation system install this XAMPP Software and make the local server.
When Download Completed, Then you need to click run XAMPP Software.

install xampp and wordpress


You just click Yes to continue the installation. It’s Depending on your Pc Configuration also you might get a prompt about User Account Control.

Install wordpress using xampp


Just Click Next Button.

XAMPP will ask you where you want to install the software and which package are you want to like install. You just go to click Next to continue.
You Need to wait some moment for install process Time.

Once it’s installation Finishes, You can able to launch the control panel and start working with XAMPP.

Xampp Installing

========== XAMPP Install Completed ==========

Step 2: Run the Modules and test your server

XAMPP and WordPress properly, You’ll need to run two modules:

  • Apache
  • MySQL

You can start both modules from the XAMPP control panel:

How to Install Xampp and WordPress run two module

When it’s run then you show green status.

XAMPP Green Status

========== XAMPP Server Running ==========


Step 3: WordPress site install with local XAMM server

First, you need to go WordPress.org website and Download the latest version WordPress.

Download WordPress

Now you need to navigate Windows folder where you installed XAMPP. For me, that’s c://xampp. It should be something similar for you.  Then you show htdocs subfolder and unzip your WordPress download folder:

htdocs folder

Rename folder WordPress to your choose name like ( testwebsite ).

Step 4: Create a database for your WordPress website

You’ll need to open your favorite browser tab and visit localhost/phpmyadmin/.
You would need to click on Databases, provide a name for your new database, and then click on the create button to continue.

Database Name

Open a new tab on your browser, and write ocalhost/testwebsite/

Then you see this screen below.

Language Set

This step you need to fill up some input field.

  • Database Name = Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin ( testwebsite )
  • Username = “root”
  • Password = blank

How to Install xampp and WordPress

In the next step, WordPress will ask you to provide information about your website. First, enter the title you want to use for this site.

After that, you need to enter a username, password, and an email address for your admin account.


When this step completed then you show login and username box.
You can log in to your website by going to /localhost/textwebsite/wp-admin page and use the username / password that you entered during installation WordPress dashboard.

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